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We are the ones working at Västergården!


We who work ad Västergården hope you as a visitor will enjoy yout visit
werther you're visiting our webshop or our store.

If you have any questions or would like some help please don't hesitate

to send us an email or give us a call and we will gladly help you out!










Here i am head
of the clay! 


I sit a lot by the
potter's wheel and make

our ceramics, but it's 

also me who make manage
our workshop and make
sure that all our deliverys
are beeing shipped out to
our wonderful costumers! 




At Västergården

it's me who stow all 
the packages which

we send.


I also help Mia a lot

in the workshop with
clay and owens.  


But sometimes i take
a break from all that
and get down with some
paper work in the office! 




















It's me who manage all
our pantry products
as well as our webshop.


It is also I who answer
our phone and greet you
in our store in








 Mister Charles


       When I'm not out working as a 
       farrier i help out in the 


      I am a good carpenter so I

      often fix things which needs 
      to be fixed!

 I am the guard dog!

I am really good at 
sleeping and catching